Joule Entertainment specializes in comprehensive services across a diverse range of media platform.


Our Production and Development Teams provide a packaging service for those seeking funding for productions. From a detailed production schedule and budget, a film package will be created that includes a script synopsis, a budget outline, market research for comparable projects, distributions options, and other pertinent information depending on the needs of the individual production.


Joule Entertainment specializes in producing feature length commercial motion pictures for exhibition in the theatrical market and for subsequent worldwide release in all international media, including theatrical releases, home video, DVD, and television. Our services include but are not limited to budgeting, scheduling, scripting, supplying resources such as talent, equipment, locations, etc., pre-production, production filming, post production, distribution negotiations, and marketing. Our production team generates content for episodic television, documentaries, commercials, and industrials across a diverse range of media platforms.


Our experienced team of Content Developers are innovative, detailed, and work directly with our clients towards cultivating their original concepts to be delivered through the most appropriate distribution network to the target audience so that we can help them to achieve their objectives for the production. Joule Entertainment will guide the development process from concept inception from original ideas, books, plays, true stories, etc. through to having a completed production ready script.

Scheduling & Budgeting

Joule Entertainment provides individualized and highly detailed scheduling and budgeting services. Our Production Team will break down the script to its basic elements creating a schedule and a budget tailored to fit the distinct needs of the production.

Service Deal Distribution & Marketing

Joule Entertainment will negotiate Service Deals for distribution and marketing for productions that have already been completed. This
consultation service will guide the client through the various stages of distribution packaging, obtaining marketing Print & Advertising, and
organizing the Premier launch of the project.

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Media Services Upcoming Seminars

Intro to Showbiz Timecards Film & TV Crew plus SAG-AFTRA. Upcoming seminars are available on April 12, May 10, June 12. Click on link for more information.

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