Joule Entertainment is a New York City based film and television production company, offering comprehensive services across a diverse range of media platforms.

The company is a curated team of industry specialists who have come together to provide high caliber content to a discerning market. We specialize in developing and producing original feature films, episodic television shows, commercials, and documentaries.

Our company strives to provide a premium quality final product to our clients while remaining within budget and on schedule.  Our team of specialist has extensive experience within the many facets of the entertainment industry. Through collaboration with our teams and the clients, Joule can help make any concept into a completed production ready for market release.

The Joule Team

Astoria’s history as Hollywood of the East Coast

When you think of the magic of movie making and television, do you think of Queens?

Is Code Black the New ER?

CBS has made a killing on cops and criminals over the years, but on Wednesday, the network will once again try to tap into another of TV’s most reliable formats: the medical procedural.

Media Services Upcoming Seminars

Intro to Showbiz Timecards Film & TV Crew plus SAG-AFTRA. Upcoming seminars are available on April 12, May 10, June 12. Click on link for more information.

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